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Prolancer adds Altus to LinX

We are delighted to introduce our latest addition to the Total Recall VR product family - the LinX Altus!

We're especially excited to introduce the LinX Altus, because it is the first LinX model at this price point to support for analog recording channels in addition to VoIP/RTP.

The LinX Altus supports up to 72 analog channels, combined with up to 30 VoIP/RTP channels. This is perfect for combining (for example) analog radios with VoIP telephones, or RTP based radios, intercoms or consoles with other analog devices.

Physically, the LinX Altus uses our familiar 5U rack mount enclosure, with built in TFT LCD screen and control keypad. The system features 2 x LAN ports for easier integration with VoIP/RTP channels and PCs running Remote Manager.

A Blu-ray archive drive is included as standard, and a USB archive port is included at the front of the system as well. Hot-swappable power supplies will be available as an option. We hope to introduce a RAID-1 HDD option for this model in the near future as well (we'll keep you posted!).


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