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Prolancer integrates Omnitronics into LinX

We are very excited to introduce our latest LinX software version, v10.4.0, which powers the latest generation of our Total Recall VR audio logging and call recording products. This new version introduces full support for recording Omnitronics range of IP & Analog radio and console devices.

Like Total Recall VR, Omnitronics products are developed and manufactured in Australia, with sales representation all over the world. Omnitronics radio interfaces and consoles are used by military, emergency services and other critical communications environments, which is a natural fit for Total Recall VR voice logging systems.

We have carried out comprehensive testing with the manufacturer at their Australian development facility, and can confirm our support for recording from Omnitronics devices in both IP and Analog modes.

Now would be a great opportunity to get in contact with any Omnitronics representatives in your region to discuss how you can work with them on any new recording opportunities. Of course, if any of your existing clients are using Omnitronics then it would be a great time to get in contact with them as well!


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