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Total Recall VR: Speech Analytics Integration with CallMiner Eureka

We are excited to announce that Total Recall VR has been successfully integrated and tested with CallMiner Eureka , the leading solution to improve contact center and enterprise performance through speech analytics. This integration allows you to reveal insights from automated voice analysis of communications recorded on Total Recall VR systems.

This integration opens new opportunities to use Total Recall VR in call centre environments, with the CallMiner Eureka platform offering Agent Scoring, Sales Metrics, Compliance & Risk Reporting and Customer Experience analysis through automated voice analysis of calls recorded on the Total Recall VR system.

There are also numerous potential benefits for clients outside of the Call Centre space:

  • Intelligence gathering from interviews and visits recordings in correctional facilities.
  • Stress level analysis of emergency responders during incidents.
  • Spoken word searching, word trending and word pattern identification for public security organisations.
  • Transcripts of witness statements during court proceedings.
  • Establishing political correctness of public announcements.
  • Analyse, measure, direct and focus sales and marketing effectiveness based on audio feedback from clients and partners.
  • Diagnose operational issues from analysis of internal (2-way radio, intercom, telephone …) voice communications.
  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities from analysis of telephone communications.
  • Flag important/high risk communication based on audio conversation content.
  • Eliminate inefficient manual call monitoring processes.

Integration with the CallMiner Eureka platform is via our TRVR Connector app. For more detailed information please see our blog post, the CallMiner Eureka website, or contact us directly.


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