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Total Recall VR Cloud now available

We are thrilled to announce the release of Total Recall VR Cloud! This innovative cloud call recording solution is perfect for recording IP telephony, professional radio, intercoms, Air Traffic communications and more.

Total Recall VR Cloud is based on the Total Recall VR operating system and software, which has been proven in thousands of installations over the past 15 years. Our service can record a multitude of active IP based communications, built on top of secure and reliable cloud computing platforms and hosted in data centres that are built to meet the requirements of the most secure-sensitive organisations.

We setup and manage the recorder for each customer, providing an affordable and reliable enterprise-grade communications recording system without the hassle & cost of hardware and IT management services.

The advantage we have over other hosted recording products is that we can record not just telephony but also 2-way radio, air traffic control, intercoms and more! For example:

Telephones via SIP, SIPrec and Cisco™ Built in Bridge (BiB).

2-Way Radios via RoIP, Omnitronics™ RoIP, Tait™ VRP and Hytera™ HDAP.

Broadcast Radio & Intercoms via AoIP, SIP and SIPrec.

Public Address via AoIP, SIP, SIPrec and RTSP.

Air Traffic Control / Management (ATM/ATC) via ED-137.

We offer plans from 10 to 90 simultaneous channels, starting at $280 USD per month. Check out our FAQ for more specific details about how Total Recall VR Cloud works, or contact us for more information.


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