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Business Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

We are helping businesses reach the cloud through engineered systems that are based on world-leading cloud infrastructure and application providers.

We combine our business systems engineering experience with the latest cloud concepts and technologies to bring the benefits of the cloud to your business. We have partnered with the leading cloud infrastructure and application providers to create cloud solutions that do not compromise on security, performance and availability.

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But we do not stop there. We are using our experience in IT&T support to manage and support your cloud solution after we design and implement it. Now that is full cloud service.

We are best at:

  • Developing cloud migration strategies;
  • Virtual Private Cloud design, implementation and support;
  • Linux and Windows Virtual Private Servers implementation and support;
  • Cloud data storage design, implementation and support;
  • Cloud application servers implementation and support based on free-to-use and licensed applications, including:
    • Web site servers
    • E-mail servers
    • CRM servers
    • Telephony servers
    • Java web application servers

Engineering Activities

Our business system engineering service includes the following engineering activities:

  • Migration Strategy – to create a suitable strategy to migrate your existing IT and telephony infrastructure and applications to the cloud.
  • Requirements Analysis - to create comprehensive business and solution requirements specification for your cloud solution.
  • Solution Architecting - to create suitable architectures for your cloud solution.
  • Solution Design - to design your cloud solution using open-source and/or proprietary technology.
  • Solution Integration - to create the components that integrate your cloud solution with your in-house systems.
  • Solution Deployment - to install and configure all components that are part of your cloud solution and migrate your business critical data.
  • Project Management - to plan and control the cloud solution engineering effort.
  • Solution Lifetime Support - to make sure that your cloud solution continues to benefit your business during its lifetime.


How much does it cost to use the cloud?

Once your solution is up and running, the costs are much less than running a comparable solution in-house. For example, it can cost as little as $0.20 per hour to run a Virtual Private Server.

It is important to note that you pay for what you use when it comes to cloud solutions, so if a server is not running, then you are not paying for it. We have a number of strategies that we can use to minimise costs and yet give you the peak performance that you require.

What is Virtual Private Cloud?

VPC is a private, isolated section of the cloud that belongs to your organisation only.

With VPC, we define a virtual network topology that closely resembles a traditional network that you might operate in-house. You have complete control over your virtual networking environment, including selection of your own IP address range, creation of subnets, and configuration of route tables and network gateways.

How safe is my data when stored in the cloud?

Very, very safe. As a matter of fact we offer cloud data storage solution with 99.9999999% reliability. Yes, that is correct, 11 nines reliability.

Will my data be secure in the cloud?

We only use reputable cloud infrastructure and application providers for the simple reason that they implement infrastructure and data security according to best practices. So, it is likely that your data will be more secure in the cloud then it is now (on your in-house systems).

In addition, Prolancer uses a number of strategies, including data encryption, multi-factor authentication and others, as an added layer of security for your data when designing and implementing cloud solution.

How quickly will my cloud be running?

Prolancer can design and implement a simple Virtual Private Cloud for your organisation within one day. Yes, that is correct, it takes as little as one day to have a complete business IT infrastructure ready to use.

It is even quicker to get Virtual Private Servers running. Typically, less than 30 minutes once we have received the request and understand your requirements.

Can I get more processing and storage capacity?

This is one of the best things about the cloud. You can get additional processing and storage capacity within minutes and use it for a short time to cover peak demands. You simply dispose of it when the peak demand is gone. And remember, you only pay for what you use.

Prolancer uses a number of strategies which automatically scale your systems up and down as demand increases and decreases. This not only gives you the performance that you need, but is also saves you money.


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