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Security Notice: Prolancer impersonated in high-risk hoax messages

We regret to inform you that Total Recall VR resellers have been targeted on at least one occasion by fake emails asking resellers for a short term loan to be paid in to a bank account that is registered with a bank outside Australia.

The messages originate in France and are using resellers’ contact details that are available in the Reseller Directory which is part of our web site.

The message sent to resellers is similar to the following:


Hi …,

Are you in the office at the moment? I hope you will be able to handle some financial obligation today?

Kindly advice as soon as possible so I can forward the require payment details.

Waiting your reply in merit, thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,
Emil Andonov
Executive Director
Prolancer Pty. Ltd.

Sent from Outlook for iOS.


PLEASE, DO NOT transfer funds.

We will never ask you to make a payment to an account other than our account with the ANZ Bank in Australia.

We will never ask you for a loan in an e-mail message.

How to detect a hoax message:

  • The e-mail addresses in the From and CC list are not from the domain.
  • The email does not contain the DKIM signature from the e-mail server – check the e-mail headers.
  • The bank details do not show the details of the ANZ Bank in Australia.

What you should do if you do not trust an email that appears to be from Prolancer:

  • Send us a separate e-mail, or telephone us via the contact number on this website, to confirm that we sent you the e-mail. You can attach hoax message so we can inspect it and report the fraud attempt with Australian authorities and banks.
  • Delete the fraudulent email.
  • Report the fraud attempt with the relevant authorities in your country.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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