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Shipping & Returns Policy

Prolancer Pty Ltd - ACN 115 942 357 – (“Prolancer”) sells Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products.

Under normal circumstances, we ship the products directly to the street address that is nominated by you, our valued customer, when you order products from us. You have the right to return faulty products to us for repair, replacement or refund.

This policy contains the provisions that apply in respect of shipping products from us to you and return of products from you to us.



In this policy the expressions “we”, “us” and “our” are a reference to Prolancer. The expressions “you” and “your” are a reference to our valued customers.

The expression “no-fault product” is used in this policy to refer to products that you return to us in circumstances where the return is not due to our fault or fault with the product.

No Return Basis

To the extent permitted by law, we reserve the right to supply any product on no return basis.

We will NOT accept returns of no-fault products when we supply the products on no return basis.

We clearly advertise and promote products as being sold on no return basis when we intend to supply the products on no return basis to you.

Pick Up

We do not offer pick up of products from our office.

We organise a direct drop from the manufacturer’s (or distributor’s) warehouse to your nominated address during the order process. This saves you the cost of shipping the goods first to our office.


We ship products to you within two (2) business days after we receive full payment (cleared funds) for your order from you, subject to stock availability. We will advise you of issues with stock availability when we send you an invoice for your order, that is before you make a payment. You have the option of cancelling your order (no fee applies) if you do not wish to wait for stock.

We only ship products to a street address by courier.

We reserve the right to select the courier company at our sole discretion.

We usually opt for a next day delivery, unless there is a quicker method that costs less.


We do not offer warranty on the products we sell. However, the manufacturers of the products that we sell do.

The warranty that manufacturers offer usually covers product defects for one (1) year from the invoice date; however, some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for some of their products. Note that in most cases (if not all) there is no warranty on consumables; for example, cables.

We clearly advertise and promote the manufacturer warranty (or lack of) for each product.

Dead on Arrival

If you consider a product to be dead on arrival (it simply does not work out of the box), then your first action should be to contact us within three (3) calendar days from the date you receive the product.

In this case we may:

  • Direct you to the manufacturer or distributor for repair and/or replacement.
  • Attempt to resolve the problem.
  • Ask you to return the product to us and we will manage the repair and/or replacement with the manufacturer or distributor.

Return for Refund

If you decide to return a product to us for a refund or credit, then your first action should be to contact us to verify that we will accept the return.

Note that:

  • We reserve the right to refund or credit products at our discretion.
  • We do not refund freight costs, service fees and surcharges for non-cash payments.
  • We do not refund if your payment took longer than three (3) business days to clear and the products are not available for immediate shipment and were available at the time we sent you the invoice for the products.
  • A standard processing fee of $33.00 applies to all returns for refund or credit.

All products that you return for refund or credit must be in pristine and unopened condition with all seals intact and no parts missing – no exceptions. We reserve the right to reject all returns that do not meet these criteria.

All costs associated with the return are your responsibility. This includes (but it is not limited to) freight costs, re-stoking fees and costs associated with rejected returns (if applicable).

We do not accept any responsibility for any damage or loss suffered by you while the product is in transit from you to a street address nominated by us.

We may ask you to place certain information on the shipping carton used for a return. If this is the case, then you must write the information on a removable label that you than place on the outside of the shipping carton and not directly on the product packaging. We reserve the right to reject all returns that do not meet this criterion.


From time to time, we may change our policy on how we handle shipping and returns of products that we sell. Any changes to our policy will be published on our website. You should visit these pages from time to time to determine the current policy.


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