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Why Prolancer?

Why Prolancer?

We are a team of great application, systems and product engineers that produce outstanding results using in-house, commercial, free-to-use and open-source technologies.

We unconditionally get the job done and definitively get the job done right.

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No challenge is too big or too small. If you are looking to take your business to the next level with the aid of a technology partner, then you might as well partner with someone who has a proven record of engineering products and applications that are ready for the world market. Have look at our portfolio of Total Recall VR products and applications and then contact us for confidential and obligation free discussions.

Looking for Total Recall VR?


Total Recall VR is engineered enterprise and carrier grade audio logging and call recording products, applications and cloud services that are based on innovative combination of in-house, commercial and free-to-use technologies. It is developed and manufactured by the Prolancer team in Sydney, Australia, and used by enterprises and governments worldwide.

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